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The Installation Password of the Panzers III Red Version V1 it's now Public, you can find the password in the Codename: Panzers Phase Three Red Version and Red Version V2 Page (In the Mods Section of the Codename: WarMachine Community). Best Regards Comrades. MABM009.
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I'm working in the Next Version of the Red Version, this Version add all the content of 2015 and have the Inventory Launcher, with the Inventory Launcher in the Red Version V2, now is more simple for Run the Game/Mod. THE RED VERSION V2 NO HAVE INSTALLATION PASSWORD. And with the Release of the Red Version V2 I'm going to make public the installation password of the Red Version V1. Best Regards. WarMachine (MABM009)
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I'm happy to announce that our user Triodo has renewed the panzers.tk URL. In addition to this, I've registered an another URL to access this website from. So here are the addresses via which you can access this website.


Of course as always you can also visit this website by typing in http://panzers.ucoz.com
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This update fixes many bugs that came with version 2.1 and features a new unit: Panzer II Ausf. L (Luchs) converted by PantherG. You should experience a lot less problems while enjoying the game's performance.

Installation: Replace the folder "CP3-Main" in your Panzers III directory with the one in the archive.

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For those who haven't already, check out MABM009's channel on YouTube for some useful tips and tricks, installation and multiplayer tutorials and gameplay videos.

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Download Update 2.1

Here's the long awaited Update 2.1. As new content goes, this is probably the most massively updated one after 2.0. It's also the first one to have a customized user-friendly installer included. The update includes about 100 new units, buildings, objects, 8 high definition maps, a complete rework of menus and interfaces and a lot more. The new maps:
  • Project Löwe
  • Commandos
  • Crete Village
  • Fall of Berlin
  • Normandia (a.k.a. The Longest Day)
  • Operation Panzerfaust
  • Russian Winter
  • AH01

Some of the new units include: Panzer VII Lowe, SU-14, Late Jagdtiger, Updated Nashorn, Soviet Gvardia units, SS Sentry guards, Panzer II C, Panzer III E, Panzer IV F and many new camo skins.

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