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Main » 2012 » May » 24 » PANZERS III - Update 2.1
PANZERS III - Update 2.1
0:13 AM
Download Update 2.1

Here's the long awaited Update 2.1. As new content goes, this is probably the most massively updated one after 2.0. It's also the first one to have a customized user-friendly installer included. The update includes about 100 new units, buildings, objects, 8 high definition maps, a complete rework of menus and interfaces and a lot more. The new maps:
  • Project Löwe
  • Commandos
  • Crete Village
  • Fall of Berlin
  • Normandia (a.k.a. The Longest Day)
  • Operation Panzerfaust
  • Russian Winter
  • AH01

Some of the new units include: Panzer VII Lowe, SU-14, Late Jagdtiger, Updated Nashorn, Soviet Gvardia units, SS Sentry guards, Panzer II C, Panzer III E, Panzer IV F and many new camo skins.

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10 MABM009  

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8 Tiger-Ace  
At last! The long awaited update! The new units (especially the new soviet units) are great. Also like the dead infantry objects and the german uboat! Maybe a new mission in a german uboat-habour could be created now... I'm getting new ideas! MUHAHAHA! biggrin

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9 Kristof  
Yeah, i would be great if they could fire something... Torpedo, anti air gun, MG, anything...

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7 MABM009  
New Error in The Longest Day: objects/4-D ge RSO Raupenschlepper/RSO_wreck_dead man.4d

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6 Kristof  
The maps are really well designed, tkx to lucas i was able to fix the error. smile

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5 MABM009  
Project Lowe Fail: Error: objects/14 medium stones/kozepes05.4d

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4 MABM009  
Download and Install, Good Job VPf2 and All :-) , But the New units no have the Name, descripcion and Image.

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3 Kristof  
The dieing infantry keeps coming back alive and the rifle objects are shaking??

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2 Figer  
Finally!!! It's here now!!! When I arrive home I will try it!!! Many thanks for all mates, and for these Normandy and Löwe!

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1 MABM009  
Ohhh Yeahhh!!! The Upatate 2.1 Here biggrin

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