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From now on this website can be accessed by a new URL:


This address is shorter and much easier to remember. Address "panzersphase3.tk" doesn't work anymore.
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This bugfix is strongly recommended, because it fixes a critical error with PaK 36 (winter) and the RSO PaK 40. Those who haven't applied it, will probably experience problems.
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Version 2.0 of PANZERS Phase 3 has been released and is available for downloading. This is not an ordinary update, it's a standalone installation of the mod. Standalone means that you will have to install this mod on a "fresh" version of Phase 2. So before installing 2.0, make sure that you have uninstalled all the previous versions of Phase 3. Because the installation files are quite big (1.88GB), they were uploaded into a few mirrors. Choose the one that suits you best. I have read a lot of bug reports and installation problems and answered as many as I could. Update 2.0 should be a solution to most of your problems. A lot has change since 1.31, there wouldn't be enough space here to write everything in this post (you can read all changes in the manual here). Information on how to install the mod is in the manual and on the download page. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask, use the forums. So here it is, as always have fun.
To download this update click the download picture below or navigate through the main menu.

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PANZERS Phase 3 Update 2.0
Release date: 01-29-2011

PANZERS Phase 3 Update 2.0
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Happy New Year!
I would like to use this opportunity to wish you all a thrilling, loving, fantastic year.
During the first few days of 2011, you will see a major CP3 update that will improve the game's performance.
Besides that it will feature a lot of new units, objects and other items.
May 2011 be the best year yet.

CP3 Team
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Hey people,
Some of you are having problems when installing CP3. There are many language versions of PANZERS Phase 2 and this makes hard for me to create a universal mod-installation program. This is a tool that will probably help many of the people who don't know how to edit the game.ini file (it controls the game's resources). With this small program you simply choose your game's language from a list and click "Select" to save your newly compiled game.ini file. I tried to keep the tool's design as simple and attractive as possible but an advanced button is still included for you to change more game.ini settings. This tool is pretty self explanatory.


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There were some errors regarding update 1.3 which needed to be fixed immediately. Installation files for update 1.3 have been replaced by 1.31 files. So those of you who downloaded update 1.3 redownload and reinstal it.
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PANZERS Phase 3 Update 1.3 has been released to public as of 22 September, 2010. This update is much larger compared to the updates 1.1 and 1.2 as it includes a lot more additions. It includes 30+ new units (incl. camo/winter skins). This includes brand new units such as A-34 Comet, Panzer II Ausf. F, Panzer III Ausf.J, NKL-16, KV-1C, Wurfgerat 41 and a new type of infantry — Shotgun squad. This update also includes 2 brand new scenarios (End of the Line and D.A.K. Mission), one made by me (VPf2) and the other by Lucas_de_Escola. A great quantity of effort has been put into this update. I hope you will like it.
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