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11. Василь   (2010-07-16 1:02 AM)
Привіт Vpf2! Величезний респект тобі за PPIII, я так довго цього чекав, думаю, що мод вийшов на славу. Успіхів.
smile smile smile
P.S: Виправ будь-ласка посилання на завантаження (part08) а то не працює. sad
Country: Україна

10. Lucas [Lucas_de_Escola]   (2010-03-28 3:40 PM)
Saludos a todos los "Panzers Fans"
Country: Spain

9. Nice   (2010-03-14 9:45 PM)
not problem, very thx:)

8. Nice   (2010-03-13 11:48 AM)
panzers mod switcher?
Answer: I don't there is one.

7. Nice   (2010-03-10 6:57 PM)
hi all!
Transpired to pack the panzers .pak file, but how I know it to pack? please if he may be put up, or load up a link where it is possible to download it. I hit one on the net what is medicinal but it not good! greet!
sorry i'm not perfect english
Answer: Here's the tool you're looking for: http://panzers.ucoz.com/load/8-1-0-40
PanzersPacker let's you write PAK files yourself.
Country: Hungary

6. simon lemaire [simdu28]   (2009-11-08 4:38 PM)
trop cool se forum happy wink cool biggrin tongue

5. Roger L.   (2009-08-15 9:08 PM)
This site is absolutely marvellous ! And it's one of the last where we could find the Panzers Unpacker (I've been searching for him during two months before finding him here happy )
Good luck for your project, Panzers Phase Three !

(sorry for my bad english)

Country: France

4. dave   (2009-04-25 8:14 PM)
Hungary's national flag's Red White Green, not Green White Red!
The site is great!
Country: Hungary

3. Julio Gallego [Spanishrepublicansoldier]   (2009-03-08 10:32 PM)
HI guys. Im a new member here an i am a fan of panzers saga. I create maps and missions, so if you need help, contact me XD

Im from spain, so i dont speak english so good.

Saludos biggrin

2. Totenkopf [Totenkopf]   (2009-02-21 7:01 PM)
Hope this site will become a central for most Panzers mods & skins.Cheers booze

1. Joe Henderson [Arisaka99]   (2009-02-03 3:03 AM)
Nice site!
Country: U.S.

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