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26. bryan alexis mendaza [bryan123]   (2011-10-14 6:29 AM)
no puedo jugar panzer phase 3 por que mesale esto no se encuentra el punto de entrada del procedimiento _BinkCopyToBufferRect@44 en la biblioteca de vinculos dinamicos binkw32.dll.
Country: mexico

25. YO   (2011-09-22 3:47 AM)
olle y lo flyingfox como se enganxan al cable en el editor?
Country: spain, como no

24. YO   (2011-09-22 0:46 AM)
donde ay mapas para el cp3 aparte de los 3 o 4 q me vienen? no me direis q solo ay esos no?
Country: spain

23. ahoj   (2011-08-26 6:45 PM)
The version of the game where you can rewrite?
Answer: I'm not sure if I understand the question.
Country: anonimus

22. PZ2   (2011-07-08 7:22 PM)
Hello! Panzers in the works to an editor of Panzers 2?

21. PZ2   (2011-07-08 7:21 PM)
Hello! a panzers 1-hez müködik a panzers 2 editor?

20. Cyberlink   (2011-07-07 0:52 AM)
How to use the JRE Stormregion Editor 4D, because when I went in and put in the game, you wrote: "UNSUPPORTED mesh file." Thanks in advance for your reply. Anyway, great site, still live a long time:)
Answer: I'm not quite sure I understand the problem, but it seems like you either edited an unsupported 4D file (like an unconverted 4D from Rush for Berlin) or you deleted something you shouldn't have from the 4D. It's not me who created this program so I can't answer for sure.

19. Cyberlink   (2011-07-07 0:51 AM)
How to use the JRE Stormregion Editor 4D, because when I went into the game and put beakarom, you wrote: "UNSUPPORTED mesh file." Thanks in advance for your reply. Anyway, great site, still live a long time:)

Új! Tartsa nyomva a Shift billentyűt, kattintson, és húzza a fenti szavakat az átrendezéshez. Elvetés

18. Kuab Kubi [Kvark]   (2011-06-16 10:01 PM)

I need program which can convert 4d to 3ds and back. Is it possible? If yes, someone please help me. My e-mail address is: kuablaikan@hotmail.com
Answer: No such tools are available.
Country: Hungary

17. Cesar Fabian [Wolf_dark]   (2011-04-20 0:26 AM)
Tengo un problema con el editor de escenarios del phase 2, no puedo probar las escenarios despues de editarlos.
Soy nuevo en esto, necesito ayuda porfavor...
Esto es lo qe me menciona:
SProperties::Load:Couldn't open(C:\Archivos de programa\Phanzers II\multimaps\domination/keys0.ini): No such file or directory
Answer: Try creating a blank file called keys0.ini and put it into C:\Archivos de programa\Phanzers II\multimaps\domination/

Don´t work. Any more idea?

16. AJ Salinas [ajsalinas]   (2011-02-24 4:07 AM)
Hola a todos un saludo desde Tarímbaro, Michoacán
Country: México

15. Theodorakis George [gtheopc]   (2011-02-17 9:43 PM)
I can't download the part 1 from panzers phase 3
Please help me !

14. Antonio Carlos Sforza [sforza]   (2010-12-02 3:03 PM)
Antonio Carlos Sforza

Como grande fã do CPPX, saudo a todos os amigos!
Country: Brazil

13. Teo   (2010-11-29 3:37 PM)
This site is great but i can't seem to register it keeps saynig the ICQ is wrong some help please. This site is terrific!!!!! biggrin
Answer: Thanks for noting this error. Try registering again, it should work now.
Country: Scotland

12. mario angarita [Verteidiger]   (2010-07-20 9:12 AM)
hola necesito ayuda!!! no puedo instalar ninguno de los mods!!!! siempre que trato de entrar en el juego despues de instalar un solo mod me dice: game files corrupted, please reintall the game... no se que hacer!!!! por favor ayundenme... ya avia pedido ayuda antes a 2 usuarios... pero en fin... ayuda!!!!!!!!

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