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New To Panzers - Questions
Saturday, 2011-06-25, 5:44 PM

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Hi, i have stumbled across this forum as one of the only communities for Panzers that i have found since buying the game (yesterday) I am really enjoying it immensely compared to alot of more recent WW2 games but i have to question for the community.

THe destructable environments and fires etc are fantastic. But why do developers continue to remove shell holes, scortch marks, blood and bodies from the battlefield. It makes the fields look plain and boring. Blitzkrieg 1 was the best WW2 game due to this gritty element. I was hoping this maybe something that could be modded but i cant seem to find one and am sure that one would have been done by now......


Tuesday, 2013-03-19, 7:10 PM

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I know it's very late to answer, but... I am bored :P

If you like remains of tanks staying in the battlefield, I have found something... But it's for Cold War.

In GameSettings.xml, there is a line:

<KeepWrecksInGame enable="false" />

Have changed to TRUE, tested and VOILÁ! Blasted tanks never disapears

I didn't know if there is something like that for Phase One and Two

Hello, I'm the rookie but gladly reply all the questions about things that I understand.

Sorry for my spic English, if you know Spanish, WRITE IT!



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