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Theatre of War
Thursday, 2010-12-30, 6:36 AM

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I purchased Theatre of War off of steam recently. The controls aren't so impressive, and take some getting used to. The game is visually stunning and the ai at least appears to be rather impressive. Your own units will take actions on there own if left idle for too long. Infantry seems to act competently while the player is ignoring them.There are over 40 missions. Unfortunately, the difficulty is insane. I just finished playing the first Polish mission, (the great part about the game is that you can play as Poland and France, rather than the traditional allies and Germany)... for the third time. it is rough. I defeated a large number of Panzer IIs and some Panzer IVs. it looked as if the rest of the mission was mopping up the infantry. I sent in my three TK-3 tanks, to counter attack and kill the remaining infantry, when several Panzer IVs and IIs showed up, destroying my tanks. I was overrun, and I was given no further tanks. The battle, each time, was very intense and challenging, and very very fun. i recommend the game, but only if you can handle the difficulty. I have not won yet, so i do not know if it was a solid purchase or not. But I have enjoyed my glorious defeats, if that makes any sense.

If anyone is interested, it's on sale for 5 USD on steam until January 2nd when the Christmas discounts will be discontinued.

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Thursday, 2010-12-30, 2:22 PM

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Hi Imperium!

I know very well Theatre of war ( 1, 2:Afrika and 3 Kursk), and I know that graphics are superb, and very authentic, but it suffers of many drawbacks: the game play is very herd and complex, and some scenarios are not based on historic places or facts: the only solution is to build your own scenarios but here too, the task is very herd because modding is very difficult. Ie: it is very hard to modify the skins of vehicles and soldiers, in version 1, in Afrika 43, impossible to use the extension centauro to build your own scenarios, etcc..
Even if Codename panzers phase two is older, the gameplay is easier, the modding quite infinite: see the many mods we have made, some drawbacks remain such as the limited movements of camera during gameplay and the irrealistic destruction of vehicles, but I think we will fix this..
See you!

Fan of panzers


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