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Soldiers: Heroes of WWII
Sunday, 2009-03-08, 9:55 AM

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so has anyone else heard of this game...better yet, does anyone have it?

it's a fairly amazing little game. it's sort of a mix between RTS and FPS...
mid game you can switch and choose to direct control a soldier or tank.
the graphics are pretty good (much better than panzers...but it's no COD4)
the physics are also incredibly good...i had forgotten, but today when i
opened it up and played a bit of it for the first time in a while, i was amazed
when i shot a tank...and it showed damage exactly where i hit it! all the better,
when i brought out my tiger to shoot up some dinky armored cars, they flipped
over realistically. luckily, after it was destroyed, it didn't instantaneously explode
and disappear into mysteriously shaped chunks...it stayed...and when i rammed it
with my tank...it moved!...
also the game has a nice damage system...if you keep hitting the turret of your
enemy, eventually you will knock out his turret and he can't turn it...hit the treads...
he can't move, sneak around that giant tiger and hit his defenseless (relatively) engine,
and you get the same...

anyway, after a game or two...my amazement with this game was renewed...

honestly, why do all these small eastern bloc game companies make such great games

oh yeah, 'cause american game companies makes gems like "harry potter" and
"(insert sport here)(insert year here)"...

(well, this review turn into a bit of a rant in the end...but seriously, the game was totally worth
the $10 buck i paid for it at Menards...of all places)



Sunday, 2009-03-08, 11:09 PM

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I seriously want to purchase this game! Whou still carries it?


Monday, 2009-03-09, 0:36 AM

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hmm, gamestop has it for download but its a lot (well $20 is more than i paid 2 years ago)
and then i did a search and a few places came up...


but this looks the most promising since its $10 and rated well


hope that helps

Added (2009-03-09, 0:21 Am)
oh, and this might help, just the games site


plenty of cool stuff to check before you might buy it...
the game is also fairly mod-able...
i have a few mods on it, adding extra units and what not...
has some editors you can download that are really well done.

Added (2009-03-09, 0:36 Am)
the creators also offer the game for download, but i dont know how much.


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Sunday, 2009-03-15, 8:09 PM

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I played it.It's a real tactic game belive me happy every tank uses it's own caliber shells and every soldier has an inventory.A very interesting game.Thx for mentioning about it sushi happy at the graphics part it resembles Panzers but at the tactical part it doesn't even come close to it.I played it with Storm Over Europe mod and it changed many things,parameters,skins and vehicles if anyone is interested about it here's a link http://files.filefront.com/Storm+o....fo.html

With thundering engines as fast as lightning
Through victory and defeat they fought their way
With blockades and tanks the foes tried to stop them
But in full speed they rolled at their prey


Friday, 2010-12-31, 7:38 PM

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I bought the game yesterday on steam. I haven't yet played it. I am preoccupied with enjoying my time off from the Uni playing total war and reading up on history. I will download that mod and see how it is.

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Friday, 2011-08-12, 5:40 PM

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Hello all, best if you buy Men of War.
Soldiers: Heroes of WWII -> Faces of War -> Men of War -> Men of War Red Tide -> Men of War Assault Squad -> Men of War Veitnam ( Soon )!

All of them are standalone

The Forum

I use to be a mapper

Soldiers: Heroes of WWII - I never tried but it got missing something and got bugs on something
Faces of War - The 1st i tried, better and improve version from the previous
Men of War - The KING of all. It has multiplayer mode, mod and mission
Men of War Red Tide - The one and the lousy one among all, no coop no mods and lousy sound ( gun fired )
Men of War Assault Squad - 1st time introduce skirmishes like Domination Mode Mix with Battlefield style where you capture the flag to gain points.

Men of War have many mods. But Assault Squad Fix many things like M1Garand rifle instead of firing like Mauser98k or Enfield.

it is more like commandos if you heard before..

Also you can make you own map very easy...
Also find the mods in Moddb, ( Moddb down ... :v I give later )
Men of War has the most.

You can try many mods. :P



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