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Requests for Phase 3?
Sunday, 2011-10-16, 9:00 PM

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Hey guys I was wondering if any of you guys was willing to make some minor mods for Panzers Phase 3?
Here are the things
1. Change all the German Medditrieean skins to look like the german rifleman skin, dont change the african skins

2. Change the regular old US sherman tanks skin to look like the one from Phase 1 (not the us firefly)

3. Change the old is-2 model to have the skin from phase 1

4. Change the german tactical bomber so that it is the stuka and make the stuka have the skin from phase 1

5. Change the US heavy bomber to the b-25 from phase one

Thats it biggrin I had been talking to Vilinus about this, but it appears he has been away for the moment and I was wondering if anyone else can do it, I dont know how to mod this stuff and I just dont have the patience to do it. I thank anybody that considers this Thanks-Greg

Added (2011-10-16, 9:00 PM)
Oh nevermind I figured it myself happy



Thursday, 2012-01-26, 11:08 PM

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Maybe change the flag of the English units to Australian ore New Zealand flags, that would be great to have some Kiwi's in the game. smile

Also, I'm having a problem. I want to give the Africa en normal train headlights, but the game always crashes and I cant find out why... sad
Maybe someone could help me with that?

And the Stuka Dive Bomber needs more Bombs, at least 1 on each wing. But I dont know how to do this?

Tkx in advance smile


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