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Localized Versions of Phase 2
Friday, 2010-10-01, 4:01 PM

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Hey people,

I always try to answer your questions. And at the moment I need your help myself. Does anyone now exactly what localizations versions of Panzers were released. I can't seem to find that kind of info on the Internet and the official website (panzers.com) is probably down forever. I need a list of these versions as well as the name of the localized pak file and if the version has a "Run" folder.

Localized versions I am aware of are:
Czech (CZ.pak) (?)
English (EN.pak) (Has "Run" folder)
French (FRA.pak) (Has "Run" folder)
German (DE.pak) (Has "Run" folder)
Hungarian (HU.pak) (Has "Run" folder)
Italian (ITA.pak) (?No "Run" folder)
Spanish (SPA.pak) (?No "Run" folder)
Polish (POL.pak) (?)
Russian (RUS.pak) (Has "Run" folder)

Now, if you use a version that is not listed here, I'd be very grateful if you listed it. If you see a mistake here, please post them.
I need this info because I'm currently working on a small application that configures the "game.ini" file so I need the correct locale parameters (for example "Locale = en") for all localizations.

Thanks for your help.



Wednesday, 2010-10-06, 4:18 PM

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you already have the information i could give you. (frencj version) But I'm still looking for more informations.
And what about writting an e-mail to CDV technical support? They could help you more efficiently in your quest.




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