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Advice on modding Panzers PII, PIII
Wednesday, 2014-03-26, 9:44 PM

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I've just ordered Panzers II as I like the look of the game, plus it still lives on unlike Sudden Strike III that has died a death long ago. I would like to get involved in modding the game, particularly for French Indochina scenarios (Dien Bien Phu etc) and later Vietnam stuff, up to the Falklands campaign. I made a mod called Warzone for Sudden Strike Resource War and I can 3d model fairly well, certainly enough for these games.

I would like to know however, if there are sea units in Panzers II or III? Can ships up to the size of a destroyer/frigate be modded into the game, with working guns and AA?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, is it possible to mod in helicopters.

If not then are there modding tools for Cold War to allow new units to be created in 3d or imported from either Max or Blender

Could someone also let me know if there are any of the following in the game:

1. Airfields where planes can take off and land again.
2. Air to air basic combat, as in, will fighter bombers attack each other? Are fighter aircraft in the game or can the units already in the game be modded to shoot at each other in the air?
3. Can custom voices be added to units, for example would it be possible to create Argentinian troops speaking spanish if I have a voice actor to do it.

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Thursday, 2014-03-27, 1:40 PM

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vespasiano hello, welcome to the forum panzers. I see you have many questions. I would answer some one and leave the other modders answer. scenarios the french indochine are 90% complete.
But I think that we could put more adventure, that you can create with us.
I'm with 2.15 + (jap all units)
I would give you more informacion thereafter.

I also have a Scene project that we started to begin with Panzer II v1.08.

so panzers never die, see you later

I play PANZERS and you?


Saturday, 2014-03-29, 7:17 PM

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There are 2 maps in the game containing airfields, one maps is in the Campaign Mode (Sidi Rezegh airfield), the other one you can find in theĀ  Domination Mode (Raggio Airfield). Some fan made maps contain airfields 2, though I don't know what maps exactly.

Air 2 Air combat doesn't exist in CP, there is no way this can be created by modding.

Voices can be added, just record an audio file, put it in the right directory and alter the file of the unit the audio is for.

I don't know if you have the "panzers unpacker"???

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