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Forum » Codename PANZERS Phase 3 (Mod) » Technical Support » Oh what a great mod but ....
Oh what a great mod but ....
Wednesday, 2010-09-08, 7:53 PM

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First of all I'd like to say that your mod is really great, one of the greatest mod I've played this far !
But infortunetaly I have problems to run it like it should.
In fact, I have spent many hours to try to make it run without your help but I only managed to play it in a quite strange way.
I've never been able to launch the game with the CP3 shortcut... And the only way for me to play it is running CP3 with the original shortcut. And it's the same with the CP2 MOD shortcut. If I try to launch the game with them, I have the famous Windows error message "Windows have ceased to fonction, we try to find a solution...." (sorry if that's not the exact message but I'm french, nobody's perfect biggrin , and I've translated it word to word)
And when I run it whith CP2 shortcut, the game plays, but it's weird because on the title screen, my version of the game is 1.08 and I've seen it should be 1.06. (in the right bottom I have RCT 1.2 and version 1.08 on the same screen... wacko )
At this point you might ask yourself "but why is he bothering me if he can play".
Well I can play the campaign but not skirmish mode. When I try to the game crashes and displays this wonderful error message "fatal error Sboard:: Create frame Parent id (-1) is not valid
And the other problem is that when i reach the mission when you have to seize a small airport in axis campaign (mission 5), I can't purchase all types of infantry, in fact I have many empty slots beside the regular infantry you can purchase in the vanilla game. And when i click on these empty slots the game crashes. But in previous mission I can purchase SS infantry so I think there's a bug in campaign also.
Sorry for this loooong message but i think I had to be precise to have a chance to have a solution.
To finish this I will add what my game.ini looks like because it may be the root of the problem... Maybe....

Search = my_own_package2.pak;.\CP3-RfB;.\CP3-Main;./main-patch.pak;./fra-patch.pak;./main.pak;./fra.pak;
Search Base = .
Home = .
Locale = fra

Right Panel = 0
Test in game = Panzers_Phase_2.exe
Test ini = game.ini

Debug Level = 0

I add that I have a french version of course but it's not like the spanish version, I have a "run" folder.
Sorry if this bother you, but I really do love your mod and I'd like to create missions to make it live, so if you have a solution ... happy



Wednesday, 2010-09-08, 9:50 PM

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Search = my_own_package2.pak;.\CP3-RfB;.\CP3-Main;./main-patch.pak;./fra-patch.pak;./main.pak;./fra.pak;

This route is very rare. I do not know how you installed the Mod, but try to modify that file to:

Search = CP3-Main;./CP3-RfB

Run the game with the icon Panzers_phase_2_mod

Good luck and welcome.



Friday, 2010-10-01, 3:52 PM

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Hey Gonzo,

Sorry for the extremely late message but somehow your thread it got lost. These are major glitches that you speak of and they need to be fixed. I'm currently working on a small program that edits the game.ini file according to your settings. So it should be a lot easier to get things right.

I add that I have a french version of course but it's not like the spanish version, I have a "run" folder.

That's quite interesting because I thought that the French version doesn't have the "Run" folder either.



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