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Battle of Moscow - test
Sunday, 2013-01-13, 1:41 PM

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Ok, this is my first mission I made with the Editor and the Animation Maker. Since I am so unable to use the Editor, I've just used the pre-deployed map from the 1st Soviet mission of Codename Panzer Phase One.

This time the player controls German elite units and must conquer Moscow and repel a soviet counterattack. There are 5 cutscenes in this mission.

But BEFORE start playing the mission, please try to open the map with the Editor and send me a PM listing all the 'missing objects, roads, doodas, .4d files and so on'... Because I managed to extract the missing file but now I forgot which files were missing! -.-

This is the link of the full pack. Just copy the CP3-Main folder into your installation folder. When the first one will tell me which objects I need to add, I'll post a second link with the working map.

Apologize me if I am not so good as VPf2, Lucas de Escola, Tiger-Ace, MABM009, Sforza or PantherG but I still need to take the hand with the Editor.
Anyway, I hope you'll like my mission!

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?5c6ckl8azqjp5yp

Known bugs:

- the are no support available, even if they are scripted into the triggers.

- Soviet units might retreat at the border of the map when the player has to complete his final objective.

The German soldier amazed the world. The Italian sharpshooter amazed the German soldier


Saturday, 2013-01-19, 5:40 PM

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I needed to solve some error before I was able to play it, but when I finally got it working, it was great. Very good work there mate! I am especially a fan of those cutscenes you put into your maps. I have always wanted a sceneario about this, but I never made one myself. Thums up! thumb  

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Thursday, 2013-02-28, 6:39 PM

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Downloading and Testing Comrade, Good Job!
Best Regards Comrade.
MABM Красный комиссар.

Added (2013-02-28, 6:39 PM)
Hi Comrade Teo41, i Test you Map, Good Job, and the Missing Object are This:

objects/20 Bridges/csatornanyilas havas.4D

shaders/11 Havas/havasfolt uj5_a.tga

Best Regards Comrade.



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