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The game - review
Sunday, 2009-03-15, 8:22 PM

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Getting into a World War II real-time strategy game is a challenge these days. So many have shown up on our doorstep the past couple of years that newcomers can only get the Nazi-weary public's attention by doing one thing wildly differently or everything incredibly well. You can put Rush for Berlin in the latter category. While this by-the-books effort from Codename: Panzers developer Stormregion is a rehash of WWII RTS conventions, the entire game is so well designed that you don't much care that you've seen it all before. If you can stand to liberate Stalingrad in a computer game one more time, you should sign up for a tour of duty here.

Just don't expect anything new. All of the standard WWII RTS conventions are respected so much here that you won't need to even glance at the manual to get the lay of the land. Four separate campaigns that begin with the final push into Germany let you wage war as the Western Allies,Russians, Germans, and French. A total of 25 solo missions (figure on 25 to 30 hours of play) take you through well-worn WWII hotspots such as Bastogne, Stalingrad, and bombed-out downtown Berlin.

Basically, Rush for Berlin is a very good representation of the WWII RTS formula by pros who really know their way around the Battle of the Bulge. If any game is capable of convincing genre veterans of shivering their way through the Battle of the Bulge one more time, it's this one.

Added (2009-03-15, 8:22 Pm)
I played this game about one year ago and at some points it seemed pretty hard...a real nut-cracker,but then i found out that the hardness was it's point...war is not easy biggrin anyway i found the beauty of conducting huge infantry attacks or tank attacks (note : tanks are very easy to beat in the game if you have some infantry armed with magnetic mines ).Air support is beautiful and it isn't restrained...you can call in an airstrike as long as your recon vehicle is in ready to call them.
A fun game,hard to beat but very fun.I recommend it to anyone who takes a break after a Company of Heroes or Men of War.Cheers booze

With thundering engines as fast as lightning
Through victory and defeat they fought their way
With blockades and tanks the foes tried to stop them
But in full speed they rolled at their prey


Saturday, 2014-01-18, 6:50 PM

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I recently got this game, since I thought "Stormregion + WW2 = something awsome like Codename Panzers" :D. And holy crap, it is like CP, but better (well kinda). In this game infantry is crucial - you realy need to cover your tanks from tank busters like dudes with magnetic mines, anti tank guns or artilery, becouse tanks die realy qucik compare to the Panzers.

And dubbing - sweat Jezus ONLY STORMREGION DO IT RIGHT! Germans speak in German, Russians speak Russian etc. Even in cutscenes! No silly Germans that speak "Zenglish", like in Company of Heroes (searously, is it THAT HARD to put native laungage for an army?).

The only downside I noticed durning campaigns is that bar on the top which indicates how hard you suck. That which was in Codename Panzers was good enough - if you want nice note on the end then do all optionals. But on the other hand its good that their is clear indication of perfection, not like in Codename Panzers Phase 1, when you could be sure not leting anyone from you guys die and still geting "OK, less then 50% losses".


Wednesday, 2016-11-16, 9:04 PM

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Saturday, 2016-12-17, 11:26 PM

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Monday, 2017-02-13, 1:35 AM

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Tuesday, 2020-09-15, 6:57 PM

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