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The way for modding
Tuesday, 2012-09-18, 9:35 PM

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In tutorials I have uploaded a flie with everything i have decripted from Panzers Cold War.

I hope to have maked it understandable.

There is not a map editor avaliable, but I think we can make many changes.


Saturday, 2012-09-22, 1:50 PM

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Very nice! I will check it out asap! smile Good we have an expert on Panzers Cold War! happy


Tuesday, 2012-09-25, 8:54 PM

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Thank you Tiger-Ace. I am not an expert.

The only thing I have done is to locate information. As we have a map editor for Panzers Phase 2, we can make changes in a map and search where they have been written. The structure of a map from this game is almost the same in Panzers Cold War. There have been changes of course.

There is not a map editor for this game. But I hope someone take this knowledge, learn more about the maps and create tools for modding easily.

I think that the potential of this game is enormous. One of the last words from Stormregion was that the game was made for being customizable from the first time. Once I found a unpacker, I have found no protections. I speak about things as sum checksum.

Looking the files with an hex editor, I found many information that I cannot understand. I hope the file "Lib.lua" placed in the folder Triggers contains usefull information about subroutines of the game.


Tuesday, 2012-09-25, 9:16 PM

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I agree with you. This game has a very big potential for modding, but without the right tools it will be hard to make bigger cahnges of the game. smile Let's hope someone knows programs that can help people mod this game easily.


Monday, 2013-03-18, 8:25 PM

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Hi fellows! My name is Triodo and I'm from Spain .

I've been playing Panzers II since 2007, but this year I started to modding. I was surprised how easy it is, when you know how.

Anyway, I have got "Cold War", and I saw in that, like friend Tiger-Ace said in 2012, a lot of potential.

Something I dislike it's the total absence of cheats for CW in the internet (I really miss the VOTEMEFORPOPE cheat!) but i have find some "strange" controls found in XML configuration files (C: \ Program Files \ Atari \ Codename Panzers Cold War \ Home \ XML):

<Cheat Modifiable="true">
  <Key ID="GodMode" Key="KEY_G" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="Invulnerable" Key="KEY_I" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="One shot kill" Key="KEY_S" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="SelfDestruct" Key="KEY_D" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="Teleport" Key="KEY_T" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="GivePrestige" Key="KEY_Q" Flags="Control_alt" />
<Debug Modifiable="true">
  <Key ID="ToggleVisMap" Key="KEY_V" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleBlockVisMapOnOff" Key="KEY_T" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleBlockVisDynamicMap" Key="KEY_3" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="ToggleBlockVisDebugMap" Key="KEY_4" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="ToggleBlockVisModifiers" Key="KEY_5" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="TogglePathFinding" Key="KEY_7" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="ToggleDebugPath" Key="KEY_1" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleDebugLocation" Key="KEY_2" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleDebugGroup" Key="KEY_3" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleDebugCompany" Key="KEY_4" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleDebugUnitAI" Key="KEY_5" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleDebugSkirmishAI" Key="KEY_6" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleTrigger" Key="KEY_7" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleDebugUnit" Key="KEY_8" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleTriggerLog" Key="KEY_Q" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleVariableLog" Key="KEY_W" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleEntityLog" Key="KEY_E" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleTriggerGlobals" Key="KEY_G" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleCommonLog" Key="KEY_C" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="ToggleSAIGroupInfo" Key="KEY_O" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleSAIVisionInfo" Key="KEY_P" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleSAIWarPlanInfo" Key="KEY_I" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleUnitAIOnOff" Key="KEY_L" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleSuspension" Key="KEY_R" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleStoreDebug" Key="KEY_Z" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleAnimationDebug" Key="KEY_A" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleWidgetRender" Key="KEY_U" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="AddEntityLogTab" Key="KEY_E" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="RemoveEntityLogTab" Key="KEY_E" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="ToggleTargetTest" Key="KEY_F12" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="TestTargetNew" Key="KEY_F12" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleSkirmish1" Key="KEY_X" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleSkirmish2" Key="KEY_C" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleSkirmish3" Key="KEY_V" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleSkirmish4" Key="KEY_B" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleCameraLimits" Key="KEY_F1" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="CameraFOVInc" Key="KEY_HOME" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="CameraFOVDec" Key="KEY_END" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ResetPhysicsInUnitsArea" Key="KEY_P" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="CameraZoomMinInc" Key="KEY_INSERT" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="CameraZoomMinDec" Key="KEY_DELETE" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="CameraZoomMaxInc" Key="KEY_INSERT" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="CameraZoomMaxDec" Key="KEY_DELETE" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="CameraElevMinInc" Key="KEY_PAGEUP" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="CameraElevMinDec" Key="KEY_PAGEDOWN" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="CameraElevMaxInc" Key="KEY_PAGEUP" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="CameraElevMaxDec" Key="KEY_PAGEDOWN" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="CameraAtZoomInc" Key="KEY_HOME" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="CameraAtZoomDec" Key="KEY_END" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="WinGame" Key="KEY_W" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="LoseGame" Key="KEY_L" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="ReplayStop" Key="KEY_S" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="ReplayRecord" Key="KEY_R" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleReplayCamera" Key="KEY_C" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleFrameCounters" Key="KEY_F" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleDebugWindow" Key="KEY_D" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="TakeAMinimapShot" Key="KEY_M" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleHelpText" Key="KEY_H" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ControlNextPlayer" Key="KEY_M" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="ControlPrevPlayer" Key="KEY_M" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="MultiStart" Key="KEY_S" Flags="Control_alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="AffectionChange" Key="KEY_N" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="DriverDebugChange" Key="KEY_D" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="SwitchResolution_0" Key="KEY_0" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="SwitchResolution_1" Key="KEY_1" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="SwitchResolution_2" Key="KEY_2" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="SwitchResolution_3" Key="KEY_3" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="SwitchResolution_4" Key="KEY_4" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="SwitchResolution_5" Key="KEY_5" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="SwitchResolution_6" Key="KEY_6" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="SwitchResolution_7" Key="KEY_7" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="SwitchResolution_8" Key="KEY_8" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="SwitchResolution_9" Key="KEY_9" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleAspectPanel" Key="KEY_A" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ShowStatistics" Key="KEY_F11" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="LevelUp" Key="KEY_L" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="DecreaseSpeedDiv" Key="KEY_ADD" Flags="None" />
  <Key ID="IncreaseSpeedDiv" Key="KEY_SUBTRACT" Flags="None" />
  <Key ID="ChangePlayer" Key="KEY_P" Flags="Control_alt" />
  <Key ID="SquadScare" Key="KEY_S" Flags="Alt_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleFrameMode" Key="KEY_F" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="ToggleBorderFog" Key="KEY_B" Flags="Control_shift" />
  <Key ID="StepFrame" Key="KEY_Y" Flags="Shift" />
  <Key ID="OutputLocMessages" Key="KEY_L" Flags="Control_alt_shift" />

Logically, this indicates that the game has a "Debug Mode", although I searched more, I have not managed to find anything useful about it. Neither cheats or Debug modes .... nothing

I know this forum (and especially this thread) is something dead, but if anyone knows anything about it, feel free to post.

Greetings, and sorry for my bad English.

Hello, I'm the rookie but gladly reply all the questions about things that I understand.

Sorry for my spic English, if you know Spanish, WRITE IT!



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