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Main » 2009 » March » 8 » Downloads Section Update
Downloads Section Update
11:59 AM
I have just updated the Downloads section so as a result, now you can post your own mods. Yow should also notice that the categories are more informative. Anyway if you find any broken links or other errors please report them in the forums. Regards.
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2 VPf2  
Yes there is a split between units converted by me and units created by other people. If I mix them it will look in disorder. Anyway, maybe this will be changed in the future.

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1 sushi  
so will the
"Main » Files » User Created Content" units ever be switched over to the

"Main » Downloads » Mods" unit section in the downloads?

there are units listed in one place and units in another sections, so there's a little split.

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