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 Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. M with 3 Camo and Winter Skins Version 1.1
* Panzer III Ausf. M with an integrated MG 34 Machine Gun and 1 Mediterannean/3 Camo/1 Winter textures for the German side
Please update your mod if you have the early (1.0) version as the unit had some unrealistic properties.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

-- New in Version 1.1 --
 -Fixed marketplace properties
 -Fixed firepower (now 50)
 -Fixed caterpillar belt moving direction

-- QUICK INSTALLATION (for beginners) --

1. Add "Mods" directory to your PANZERS\Run folder.*
2. Replace the "game.ini" in your PANZERS\Run folder from this mod (found in the "game.ini [English Version]" directory of this archive).
 And that's all, you will now be able to access the unit in the Editor.

*NOTE: The included "unit.ini" file has the information from all the mods (found in www.panzersphase3.tk) integrated. So, if you replace the original file with it, you probably will not have any compactibility problems.

Customized installation is noted in the ReadMe.txt file

NOTICE: This mod will be included in the final release of PANZERS Phase 3 Mod.

  Download (4.23 Mb)  
Category: German Units | Added by: VPf2 | Author: 1C (converted by VPf2)

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Hi VPf2,

thank you very much

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