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 JRE StormRegion 4D Editor v0.1
   Java Based StormRegion 4D Model Editor
                Version 0.1
4D Editor is written in Java and requires Java Runtime Environment; you can download it from www.java.com. This program displays 3d-graphics and it needs some dlls (java OpenGL binding).
Move the files from the "OpenGL Binding DLL Files (Read Info)" folder to your "system32" folder (by default "C:\WINDOWS\system32").  You can start the program just clicking on the "Java4d" coffee-cup icon, or from the "cmd" console by typing from the program's path:

java -jar "java4d.jar"
The command above displays the console, in which are displayed errors, messages etc (you can use it to report errors, bugs...) Other .jar files MUST be into the lib\ subdirectory.


 4D Editor v0.1 - FIRST RELEASE:

 - Opens & creates 4d models (MESH-based only, not human ones)
 - Imports objects from 3ds files
 - Edits & adds DUMYs and LITEs (edits SPOTs too)
 - Can remove SCEN subchunks
 NOTE: use mouse left button on the tree to access to the features


1. You will need JAVA Runtime Environment to run this program (Download the latest version for FREE here)

2. You will need to move the DLL files (found in "OpenGL Binding DLL Files (Read Info)" folder) to the system32 folder on your PC (by default "C:\WINDOWS\system32")

[01 March, 2010] UPDATE: Here is the source code of the program

4D Editor

Author: jaNo744.
Homepage: http://web.tiscali.it/cpmodding
Email: jano744 (at) tiscali (dot) it

  Download (1.29 Mb) ยท

Download from mirror (1.27MB)  

Category: Software | Added by: VPf2 | Author: jaNo744

Views: 3999 | Downloads: 1698 | Comments: 3 | Rating: 4.7/3 | Added:2009-09-06, 10:36 AM

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2 Macer  
You might try this: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=jano744&ftab=AllFeedback

1 VPf2  
The source code is gone, not exactly sure how to get it back without contacting jaNo744 himself, unless somebody else has it.

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