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 Fall of Berlin
In this scenario you get to play as the Red Army fighting trough Berlin. Your objectives is to take some of the famous buildings in the city like "The Reichstag" or "Brandenburger Tor". The map is created by using a real map over Berlin for the most realistic invirorment.

We are in the last days of World War 2 in Europe. Hitler and he's staff has moved into the Fürher-Bunker while soviet artillery pulverize the streets above. The last drop of german blood has been mobilized in the defense of the 'Reich's capital'. Hitler refuses to admit defeat so the soviets will have to seize the city by force. Lots of force indeed. Over 1 mio. men are involved in "The Berlin Offensive". The capture of the german capital. Stalin orders it to be taken by 1st of May. "The international workers day". Can you lead the soviet armies to the capture of this outbombed city? Will you preveal over the heroic, or rather desperate, german defense? The time is here! Move out comrade!
Hope you enjoy it!
( There is a little historical inaccuracy because you actually get the chance to kill Hitler in this scenario)
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2 strategyfan  
Mission is nice biggrin finally I could do it about 5 tries. What is the name of the unit what you've used as Hitler

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1 Tiger-Ace  
Feel free to reply on my map. No Hateing please, but suggestions will be happily accepted smile

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