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 Unit Winter Texture Pack No. 2
This mod adds winter textures (does not replace the old ones) for some units

No. 2 adds winter textures to the following units:

  *GB Archer
  *GB Bishop
  *GB Humber Mk II
  *GB M15A1
  *GE Jagdpanther
  *GE Krupp
  *GE Krupp Ammo
  *GE Kubelwagen
  *GE LefH 18
  *GE Marder II
  *GE Opel Blitz
  *GE PaK 36
  *GE PaK 38
  *GE Panzerwerfer 42
  *US M2A1 Half-track
  *US M2A1 Supply Truck
  *US M16 AA Quad
  *US M26 Pershing


1. Add "Mods" directory to your PANZERS\Run folder.
2. Replace the "game.ini" with the one in your PANZERS\Run folder.
 You can now open Editor and access all new units.

Authors: Stormregion, Original Skins by Ste66 (Ardennen Mod), Modified by VPf2 & InfraScope
Technical support and bug reporting is discussed at the Forums.

NOTICE: This mod will be included in the final release of PANZERS Phase 3 Mod.
  Download (3.01 Mb)  
Category: Other Mods | Added by: VPf2 | Author: Ste66, VPf2, InfraScope

Views: 3537 | Downloads: 1137 | Comments: 1 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Added:2009-04-09, 9:33 AM

Total comments: 1
1 Scheppa44  
What is the snow texture in the screenshot called in the editor? Is it even in Phase 2?

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