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 Macer's realism mod
Hello! My 1,5 year's work is here - the realism mod.

This mod concerns chiefly armour and gun penetration values, but also artillery ranges and damage, fixes the anti-tank MGs, enables some vehicles to tow and guns to be towed and changes, units' appearance in markets (trying to be historically accurate ;)) and some descriptions. So it's quite a lot ;)

I changed some units, for example su isu-152 old, into ones that were not present in the game and I thought would be interesting.

I used multiple sources, mainly GvA (
and to figure out armour properties. I reworked almost every vehicle according to a table i created (it's panc.xslx). There's also a table for artillery damage model I invented.

To install the mod simply copy the files inside the folders into the existing game folders. Don't overwrite the whole folders! (you can overwrite units\mechanical, though)

 This mod changes the gameplay a lot, so you'd better install it into a spare copy of the game. Now a lot of tanks can be killed with one shot - you really need all your types of units to cooperate, buying 5 tanks won't win the game for you ;). Watch out for AT guns and artillery - they are devastating! Infantry dies faster, too. And yet another thing - one Molotov's cocktail forces the crew to exit their tank.

I checked the files thousands of times, but sometimes got lost, so there might still be some bugs in the mod. The game doesn't seem to crash, I think I didn't spoil anything enough. Feel free to report any problems to me on forum or by e-mail:

Great thanks to all previous modders, especially VPf2, for creating the fantastic Phase 3 and for teaching me everything.

List of "new" or changed units: su isu-152 old, su is-2 old, su su-85 old, su t-34/76e, ge 21cm moerser 18, us m26 pershing old, us and gb firefly, ge wespe old, 

Enjoy! Update: the file is available for download again. Thanks to Subsilver for reuploading! Updates coming.

Download from mirror (283MB)  

Category: Unit Mods | Added by: Macer

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Increible Work Comrade, best Regards.

Do the same with this one:

Oh, I found a bug... I was playing with squad members' number and forgot to set it back right smile Copy it into units folder: , replacing the older version.


Thank you so much man! I have dreamed of a mod like this ever since I started playing PANZERS smile

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