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Problem trying to run the game
Wednesday, 2012-08-22, 2:36 AM

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Oh, don't call this an error. It's just the size of the shells. It does look funny, but has no influence on the game. If you really hate this, delete those lines from the tanks that throw them:
Unit.Gunners.1.Gunner.Shot_Effects.4.Effect.MeshName = cartridge
Unit.Gunners.1.Gunner.Ground_Incidence_Effects = 0
Unit.Gunners.1.Gunner.Water_Incidence_Effects = 1

and change the value of
Unit.Gunners.1.Gunner.Shot_Effects = 5
to 4. Should work.


Wednesday, 2012-08-22, 10:30 AM

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Thank you Macer! smile I will try to change it and see if it works


Monday, 2013-01-07, 5:50 PM

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Hello! Can you help me with running the "Longest Day" scenario in CP 3 2.1 version, please? Thank you :)MABM009,


Wednesday, 2013-01-09, 8:06 PM

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Ok Comrade you Need my BugFix, you can Download in my Page Here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5J-lMwTx2S-bngxOGl1VHpVbFE/edit
Best Regards. MABM Красный комиссар.

Codename: WarMachine Community


Thursday, 2016-08-25, 1:33 AM

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Hello guys,

   Great job that you've done in CP3 RV. I've downloaded and installed it and, apparently, the instalation went fine.
   However, whenever I try to load the campaigns in Panzers III (not Skirmish, not Berlin 45) I get a freezing crash, but the music continues to go on.
   In Windows 7 64 bits running in compatibility mode with XP I don't get any message at all and just press the backspace to return to Windows. I've already tried it in a Windows 7 32 bits machine, also running in compatibility mode with XP, and get the same freezing crash, but this time I get a message telling that it couldn't find the ini file inside the maps folder [SProperties::Load:Couldn't open (C:\Program Files\Panzers III/maps/AX-01_mission_local.ini): No such file or directory] ... but the question is that there is no maps folder inside the Panzers III main folder! Could you guys give me a hand? Best regards!


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